Top 7 Marketing Mistakes That Should Be Strategically Avoided

This is known to every brand that an appropriate digital marketing strategy is mandatory for their business. But all of the companies don’t get it right every time. We're here to line-up a few points that you should avoid saving your brand from blunders.

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  1. Following social media trends without a proper analysis:- Just because social media marketing is exploding in the current era, does not mean you have to be on every single platform. One of the biggest social media marketing mistakes is trying to be on every single forum. Let's look into an example; though Instagram is found to be quite popular among internet users, there are better social media platforms to endorse your brand. Pick a social networking site where the presence of your target audience is already ensured. Avoid trying to spread your hard work, time, and attention to every single forum. Just concentrate on one forum where you will find the best audience, and your strenuous work will be fairly justified. Your hard-work might get degraded if you try to divert your attention on multiple forums.

  2. Failing to understand your target audience:- Not knowing the customers and their trouble may lead your business to huge wastage of budget. Besides that, your effort will go all in vain as you might end up working hard on advertising your brand to the people who are not your potential customers. To avoid this blunder, you may create buyer personas for your brand and advertise from that zone. Buyer personas allow you to layout the hotspots of the customer requirements, how your customers interact with your products and services, their interests, and other factors regarding the purchasing process.

  3. Lack of engagement with your customers:- A survey has revealed that 78% of marketers think that the industry of marketing goes on with customer-driven customer experiences. This fact creates the biggest digital marketing potholes. The truth is that the customers want to be mattered and they want to realize that some real people are inclined to their issues.

    Sometimes automation is required too, but there are a proper time and space for automated messages. You have to understand when you need to deal manually with your customers. The entire dealing process shouldn't look like the brand does not care about what the customers feel.

  4. Neglecting the already existing customers:- Gaining new buyers or generating new leads is surely exciting, but you should never disregard your existing customers. Those who are your potential customers might buy your product; but the ones who are already existing, are the buyer zone where most of your business lies. Existing customers already require your products and services, and they may turn up to be your brand advocates if you provide them with satisfactory services.

  5. Unprofessional and inappropriate analytics and data audience:- Analyzing how the endorsement of your business is going on is highly beneficial on its own. Checking your data regularly makes you able to improve the results of your endorsement camp. You should do it unfailingly, otherwise one day you might be considered as one of those companies with bad marketing strategy. All you need to do is taking care of small things such as your target demographic who are directly engaged with your content or products and service, or the best time for your content to be posted on social media.

  6. Absence of a clear goal or strategy:- It's common in the world of business to go off from the periphery or to get side-tracked. To avoid that, proper planning is crucial. You need to set a clear strategy and realistic goals for each of those who are involved in your business, and they must understand the necessities of achieving that goal.

  7. Not optimizing for smart-phones:- It is of extreme importance to keep in mind that your merchant website functions well with smart-phones, and thus nails the SEO. If your website cannot be accessed through a smart-phone or the contents are not readable on mobile devices, it surely is a huge marketing blunder for your business, as if we go per the surveys, 69% of people access the internet through their smart-phones. So you should always keep your website mobile-friendly and design them accordingly.

Adopting the best marketing strategy for your website can take time. But once you come out with your results, you will see how your brand can be saved from making avoidable mistakes. You can contact the Techfey team if you need help with your digital marketing strategy.

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