How Meta Tags Impact Your On-site SEO


Before starting on this topic, the big question is what are Meta tags? Well, Meta tags are a segment of HTML tags that briefs about your content to both search engines and the website visitors. Google Meta tags consistently show up in your page's code, and for checking them anybody can visit the source code (Ctrl + U).

In other words, in every search engine, Meta tags are the only thing that describes your page content to the search engine by appearing in the HTML code. Meta tags SEO is responsible for creating the first impression as well as a point of contact for every search engine.

In the ‘’ sections of HTML web pages these tags get added, and these are the only legally hidden words on your web pages for the search engines. The ‘meta’ here means ‘metadata’. It can be depicted as data for describing the data you have on your page!

What Kinds of Meta Tags are there?

There are mainly four types of Meta tags that you should know about. Though some of them are not quite useful like they were before, some are there that you should utilize regularly. Using these Meta tags are considered as the best SEO practices since these are very effective for increasing your website traffic.

These Meta tags are:

  1. Meta Keywords Attribute

  2. Title Tag

  3. Meta Description Attribute

  4. Meta Robbots Attribute
  • What is Meta Keywords Attribute?

  • For understanding Meta keywords attributes, we need to travel to the time when this entire optimization race was started. At that time, Meta keywords were used as small clips of texts, which were visible in web code. Codes like these were there for informing the search engines about the page's topic.

    Quite naturally, over time. Meta description attributes became an arena for stuffing and spamming. Marketers used to insert irrelevant keywords in their content for accruing more views. This unscrupulous practice was known as 'keyword stuffing'.

    Hence, Google now completely ignores Meta keyword attributes. Now, it will neither make any impact on your search engine ranking, nor there will be penalties if you stuff up your page with it.

    Hence, if you follow best SEO practices, include only reasonable and relevant keywords in your pages, or overlook the segment just like Google.

  • What are Title Tags?

  • Now, we require your special attention, since Title tags are the most vital Meta tags among all we are discussing. Title tags affect the search ranking immensely, besides, this one is even visible to the web users as well.

    In organic search pages or PPC landing pages, anyone can find them at the top of their web browsers.

    Title tags are immensely valuable if you want to produce a primary title for the visitors, besides, also make it simpler for effective SEO purposes. It would be also beneficial for the users, who shuffle around multiple tabs on their computers.

  • What is the Meta Description Attribute?

  • The Meta description attribute is one sort of HTML trait, which gives a synopsis of your web content to the web crawler. Search engine, Google as an example, shows Meta descriptions on search results, which has a relation with CTR as well.

    Theoretically, Meta description attributes do not have any direct effect on SEO. And, this line has a factual base, since it is from an official statement of Google, which was published in 2009. But the thing is, Meta descriptions are visible in search engine results and can influence the Click-Through Rates (CTR). CTRs are directly linked with SEO and rankings.

    Thus, while summing things up, it can be pronounced that Google Meta tags like Meta descriptions have influences on Search Engine Optimization.

  • What is Meta Robots Attribute?

  • Meta Robots Attribute is used for instructing the search engines what you want to do with the pages you have on the internet.

    1. Index /noindex:
    2. Using this index /noindex option, you can inform your search engine whether you want to make your WebPages visible on web searches or not.

    3. Follow/nofollow:
    4. This option is for instructing your search engine what it should do with the links that are on your page. With this option, you can tell your engine whether you want it to trust and follow your links or not.

Do Meta Tags Affect Your On-Site SEO or Not?

Meta tags are always been one of the most basic elements of best SEO practices. Usage of Meta tags is immensely important since your site's appearance in the SERPs is entirely dependent on it. Besides, it also decides how many people will visit your website. In other words, the traffic and engagement rate you get on your website also depends on it.

It will make an impact on your SEO and web search ranking. However, few Meta tags SEO probably won't be legitimately identified with your positioning, yet they frequently choose your site's position in the digital eco-system.

Moreover, Meta tags are something that should never be neglected by any brands, at the time of developing the web content.

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